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October 27, 2012

Once Upon A Time, in Gale Crater...
Once Upon A Time, in Gale Crater...

Credits: NASA/JPL/Caltech and Marco Faccin/Lunar Explorer Italia/Italian Planetary Foundation

Dear Friends of the Italian Planetary Foundation, Dear Readers,

in consideration of the very nice comments that we received after the publication of yesterday's APOD - which showed a "Martian Fantasy", such as Layered Hills in the Martian Sea of Arabia - we decided to go on with another "Fantasy": this time is Gale Crater, when there was a Lake inside it. The concept, here, is the same as yesterday's: we used a real image of a real Surface Feature (here: a Panorama of Gale Crater obtained by the NASA - Mars Exploration Rover/Mars Laboratory "Curiosity") and then, by using a computer simulation, we (in a way) transform the Surface Feature as it appears today and try to make it look like it was (better yet: like it might have been) in the past. Probably , a very (VERY!) distant past.

We hope you shall keep appreciating our (always) very hard Work and your comments, as you know, are and shall always be appreciated.

Dr Paolo C. Fienga/Lunar Explorer Italia/Italian Planetary Foundation

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