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March 16, 2013

In Loving memory
In Loving memory

Credits: Roberto Tremolada

Today, two years ago, my beloved Father, Dr Ugo Fienga, died, after a long and debilitating disease that consumed him for over five years. He was born in Salerno, on June, 6th, 1926.

In these past two years, many things have happened in my life: some of them, are good to remember; others, unfortunately, are not. But I keep going on.

I wish my Father could be here, and watch the Comets that are approaching our Home Planet with me, and maybe take some pictures of them, just like we did when the Halley Comet passed by the "inner regions" of the Solar System in the - now distant, even in my memories - month of March of the AD 1986. Back then, in order to watch the Halley Comet, we had to take a long trip, and go to a place located in the Earth's Southern Hemisphere, since from Italy (and, in general, from the whole Northern Hemisphere) it would have been impossible to see it. That was the first, and only time in my life so far, that I saw the Southern Cross, the Magellan Clouds and many other beauties which cannot be seen in the Earth's Northern Skies.

It was a beautiful experience, that I will never forget. It was a gift, that my Dad made me. He also told me when his father, Catello Fienga, saw the Halley Comet shining strong and bright in the Sky of Salerno, in the month of April of the AD 1910.

Now, in this AD 2013, more Comets are coming and, as far as we know, the very last one, which should appear in November, shall be spectacular: probably, this last Comet will be so bright that it may be possible to spot it even during the daytime hours! Probably. But one thing is sure: Comets, like these ones and like many more that passed by, will always come to visit our Skies. And, in a way, I know my Dad will be able to see them all too. But I also know that, no matter how big, and bright, and beautiful they might be, they will never shine in my heart, at the time of their apparition and in the future, as much as Halley did.

Halley: a Comet which I was able to see only because my Father took me to a distant and wonderful place where, I know, I shall never return. I hope that my Dearest Ones, all my Friends and Readers, can enjoy the countless beauties of the Haevens, now and in the years to come, just as much as I did with my Father, when He was with me, next to me, on my side. When I still was serene, happy and hopeful.

And this hope of inner Peace and everlasting Joy is, for you all, my best wish, and my prayer.

Dr Paolo C. Fienga (PhD)

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