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July 11, 2013

In Loving Memory (title of the frame: My Homeland)
In Loving Memory (title of the frame: My Homeland)


Last night, around 02:05 Central Europe Time, my beautiful and beloved wife, Ginny Lynn Gilbreath, died, after years of awful pain and unbelievable suffering. So much pain and suffering that not a single human being could ever decently describe (unless such pain is proven directly, on him/herself).

I met Ginny (who was born in Austin, Texas, USA, on the date of December 11, 1964) on December, 5, 1993, in Houston - Texas - where I was working at that time, and it was some sort of a "Love at first sight".

We started dating on December 22nd, 1993 and she came to Italy on February 26, 1994. We married in Bresso (a small town near Milano) on June, 18, 1994. We spent a little more than 19 years together and we learned, always working next to each other, the true meaning of the word "Dedication".

I know that this is not the time, nor the place to tell you about our "Love Story" and how much she has suffered through her whole Life and, in particular, in the past 8 years; but let me just say that she always fought her (truly horrible) diseases and that she always tried to keep a positive attitude towards Life, no matter how complicated, hard and unfair it might have been or become.

She taught me to be strong, straight and fearless, no matter what happened. My Life (better yet: what's left of it) is and shall always be dedicated to her Memory, and, as long as I will have the capacity to study, understand and write, I will do that in an attempt to Honor her name, attitude and enormous strength: a number of "Gifts" which kept her alive - against all odds - for many years.

And I will always try to Honor her smile, which always brought and, I know, shall always bring light to the path I will have to walk on, no matter how dark the coming nights might be.

Legnano, July 11th, 2013


Dr Paolo C. Fienga (PhD)

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