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March 16, 2014

In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory

Credits: Roberto Tremolada

Today, three years ago, my beloved Father, Dr Ugo Fienga, died, after a long and debilitating disease that consumed him for over five years. He was born in Salerno, on June, 6th, 1926.

Today, March 16, 2014, is a beautiful, sunny and warm day; but when my Father left this Earth, on the other hand, it was pouring down rain. Things change, and shall keep changing: that is the way of our Life.

Not much else to say, other than a few verses, taken from a Poem, by Ugo Foscolo, that my Father loved so very much, and which, in a way, talks about each and everyone of us: the unsung heroes of a Life that, sometime, is way too much complicated to be fully understood.

These words are also dedicated to all (Mine and Yours) Dear Ones, who have passed away and, even though they are not here anymore, in this Life, on our side, and perhaps smiling, they still left us a drop of Wisdom, Joy, Honor and Peace: a number of precious Gifts that we must keep forever, deep inside our hearts, until the day when we meet them again, will come.

May God give rest to my Dad's Soul. Amen

Dr Paolo C. Fienga (PhD)

Gemeranno gli antri
secreti, e tutta narrerà la tomba
Ilio raso due volte e due risorto
splendidamente su le mute vie
per far piú bello l'ultimo trofeo
ai fatati Pelídi. Il sacro vate,
placando quelle afflitte alme col canto,
i prenci argivi eternerà per quante
abbraccia terre il gran padre Oceàno.
E tu onore di pianti,
Ettore, avrai,
ove fia santo e lagrimato il sangue
per la patria versato, e finché il Sole
risplenderà su le sciagure umane.

(Ugo Foscolo - "Dei Sepolcri" - vers. 283 - 295)


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