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July 11, 2015

In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory

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Today, two years ago, at 02:05 Central Europe Time, my beloved Wife and Life Companion, Ginny Lynn Gilbreath (born in Austin, Texas - USA - on December, 11th, 1964), died, after six months of terrible agony and many years of - sometimes - unspeakable pain and suffering. She left this World alone, in a bed of the Hospital of Legnano (MI), with Quiet Dignity, during her sleep, and leaving me the "burden" to go on, alone, through this Life.

I spent the past two years living a Life made of Memories, Study and Meditation. And, sometimes, quiet Desperation. A few things are now different, but others, I know, never will. One, in particular, just like I wrote one year ago, shall never change: my True, Pure and Endless Love for a Creature who deserved a lot, and, instead and unfortunately, received only a little bit of happiness and peace during Her "Earthly Passage".

I dedicated the poem that follows ("Winter Star") to that Day, in December of the AD 1993, when I met Her, to Her Neverending Memory, and to the Countless Sacrifices that she made, with the deep and Holy Hope that, some day, one day, we shall meet again. Certainly not on this Earth, but somewhere else. Perhaps in another Universe, maybe in another Reality. 

A New Reality, that shall - God willing - give us Peace, Happiness and Love for the endless Time that we will then have in our hands: Forever, and Ever.

May the Lord give Peace to Her Soul.


Dr Paolo C. Fienga (PhD)


Winter Star (To My Wife, Ginny)


Near the end of a now distant Fall, you know, we met, and I loved you,

Never asking myself the reason why of such a strange and sudden Feeling,

It was the end of the Fall, and there was no snow on the silent streets,

And without asking myself useless questions, with you, I started walking...


And many years have come and gone by, on our Restless Hearts,

We have seen the snow, and drawn Angels on the city streets,

And statues of ice, like memories of the children we never had,

And without asking ourselves useless questions, we walked together...


I took you through the way to the Desert, and to the Northern Cliffs,

And I protected you, from the Torments of Life, night after night,

I showed you a sliver of the World, and gave you a Moment in Time,

And I saved you from the Cold of the Loneliness, just by listening to your breath...


But many years have come and gone by, seasons over seasons, over our Restless Hearts,

I read the Messages which were left by the Night, and then I followed you,

Along paths that I would have never wanted to follow, or feel, deep inside me,

But I protected you, over and over, like a gull protects the quiet shores...


And now, now that our Destiny is done, and everything is finally complete,

I watch, like I did near the end of a Fall, of so many years ago,

The clear Skies that open, again, right behind the dark and rainy clouds,


And now, now that everything is gone, and the Fate has taken its hard toll,

I watch, like I did near the end of a Fall, of so many, maybe too many, years ago,

The First Winter Star, smiling to me, and shining at the Doors of the Infinite above...

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