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March 16, 2016

In Loving Memory of my Father
In Loving Memory of my Father

Title: A Beautiful Mind - Credits: Marco Faccin

Dear Friends and Readers,

Time goes by, pretty fast, and we all know that.

Today, now (and already) five years ago, my beloved Father, Dott. Ugo Fienga (Salerno, June, 6, 1926 - Cinisello Balsamo - MI - March, 16, 2011), passed away, after a long and debilitating disease. I look back, again, and what do I find? Just Memories. Some good ones, some bad ones, but all of them, in fact, are full of Love. And that's what Life is all about, in the end.

I was not good enough to follow His - always - tough steps, but I'm still here, trying to Honor His Legacy and Memory.

It is raining, again, now, on my town. Sometime, I like to believe that even the Sky cries over us. And it seems to me that - maybe - only the Universe can truly understand what it is really hidden in our Souls.

"A King, once he understands that he lacks the right skills to be a King, can delegate someone else to carry on, or he could simply give up and leave. A Father, unfortunately, cannot do that. And if His child or children was/were able to see this paradox, he/she/they could finally understand the true dilemma"


May the Lord give Peace to my Dad's Soul, forever and ever - Amen.


Dott Paolo C. Fienga (PhD)

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